We are so pleased that you have decided to have your child dedicated. In order to make your special day run smoothly please read through the following information.


Generally speaking, a child is capable of making a personal spiritual decision for Jesus around age seven, so for this reason, we have set the maximum age for baby dedication at 7yrs.


There will be a meeting 30min prior to the service for ALL parents and their children (not extended family) to prepare for the service. It is compulsory for all participating families to engage in this meeting. Please do your best to arrive on time.


It is important that you feel comfortable on the day. Due to the public nature of the baby dedication, we recommend that you wear smart casual to semi-formal attire. Our services are public and are broadcast live on Facebook and are recorded for further viewing and reference.


At Oasis, dedications generally take place after the conclusion of the worship and offering, before the Pastor brings the message. The dedication will take approximately 10min to complete. Generally, dedications will involve multiple families dedicating their children at the same time.

We do NOT allow parents to make speeches or vary from the scheduled program, unless approved by the church leadership, well in advance of the dedication day.


On the day, there will be reserved seating for you, your children and your family. We request that you sit in the reserved area as it will greatly assist with people movement on and off stage and other logistical elements on the day.


We recommend the following steps to prepare for baby dedication:

  • Read through our baby dedication information to assist your understanding of the purpose of baby dedications and what will happen on the day.

  • Complete the on-line baby dedication form.

  • Ensure that you have the clothing that you wish to wear on the day ready to go.

  • Once you have confirmation of the date and time of the baby dedication, invite your family and friends to attend the dedication.


  1. Arrive early and attend the meeting 30min prior to the service.

  2. Seat yourself and your family in the reserved seating area and wait until you are called to the stage. Please remain in the auditorium with your children during the worship so that you are ready to go when called to stage.

  3. When the Pastor calls you to the stage, immediately make your way up to the stage area and assemble in a line across the stage facing the congregation.

  4. The Pastor will share briefly around child dedication, introduce you and your child and then ask you a question or two, most of which will require you to respond with “We do”, “We will”, or “I do.”

  5. The dedication will conclude with a time of prayer.

  6. The Pastor will give an opportunity for people to take photographs.

  7. Leave the stage and return to the reserved seating area.

  8. Have photos taken after the service.


There will be an opportunity during the service for your family to take photographs. Afterwards, there may also be an opportunity to take additional photographs.
Photographs taken by the Oasis media team and/or Pastors and/or church staff may be used on our webpage or other promotional materials.


If you desire, you are welcome to bring morning tea for you and your family to enjoy after the service.