Kids Oasis is the fun and exciting children’s ministry at Oasis New Life Centre.

Headed by a committed team who are passionate about and dedicated to ministering to our kids, we use a Bible- based curriculum to teach our children the principles of God’s Kingdom. It is our desire that the kids of Oasis would see God move with growth, transformations, healings, miracles, salvations and more as we seek to raise the next generation of pastors, leaders, evangelists, teachers and ministers in our community and see our community won for Christ.

Kids Oasis runs in both of our campuses, running the same program during the morning services. In the City, we also have Mini Oasis available for the 1-4 year olds.

At Kids Oasis, we have many incredible resources at hand, including our fully enclosed play centre, a variety of portable play equipment, great learning curriculum and our Kids Oasis mascot, Ozzie, who randomly makes appearances at both of our campuses.

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