Oasis Advance provides both contemporary and relevant ministry teaching in both practical and class-based forms that will prepare you for the road ahead.  Accredited by and partnered with Alphacrucis College, the ministry course is both Government accredited and Austudy approved. All training and lectures are held at Oasis Community Centre, Rockhampton.

The Certificate IV in Ministry Local Church Certificate provides a unique opportunity for you to develop and connect with the body of Christ. Based upon Alphacrucis’ excellent e-learning modules, you will spend time reflecting and studying in the comfort of Oasis’s training facilities.

The program is designed to resource individuals and is further complemented when a group of students join together at Oasis to discuss what has been learned.

The Certificate IV in Ministry can be completed in one year by full-time means or part-time options can be arranged to suit your needs. It comprises of 8 core units with various electives and optional streams so that you gain expert knowledge and ministry experience in the area you feel called.

Cert IV in Ministry subjects include:

  • Christian Worldview
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Christian Disciplines
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Christian Leadership
  • Vocational Placement Units
      • VP1 – WHS
      • VP2 – Church Ministry
      • VP3 – Work in a Ministry Team
      • VP4 – Promote Team Effectiveness

This program is an opportunity to not only empower the individual but will also provide a safe environment in which to develop relationships. Regardless of your background or age group, this course brings with it the uniting bond of the Word and invariably, community.

Oasis Advance Internships

Oasis offers the opportunity to give undertake an internship at Oasis New Life Centre. We are passionate about equipping people for vibrant life & ministry through mentoring and dynamic Church life involvement.


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